Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Follow Me on Pinterest What is most important? Emotional health or physical health? You may think why we should divide these two? They are both important. Right! Now I wanted to explain my opinion about the benefits of shiatsu massage.

Emotional and physical health is interdependent. They can’t exist without each other. These two elements are like Ying and Yang, which means that none of these is less important. There is no happiness in a person who is physically healthy but unhappy emotionally and vice versa.


Shiatsu Philosophy That Brings Emotional Health Benefits

1. The prevention and recovery of illnesses is promoted by stimulating the immune system.

Why do I want to prevent the illnesses? Well, that’s obvious. I don’t want to feel bad and I better take care and maintain my immune system now, so I don’t get ill in the future.

By planning to have at least 10 shiatsu sessions in a year you are helping yourself in the long run. Shiatsu doesn’t treat the illness, it treats the imbalance of the chi in the body system. By maintaining the harmony of the meridian system, the body activates its self healing properties.

2. Shiatsu is treating the body as a whole rather than attempting to stop the superficial symptoms brings about a more effective and longer lasting change.

What ever your health issue would be, shiatsu sees it as an imbalance in the meridian systems. A shiatsu therapist is trained to determine what causes discomfort and than use his magic hands to heal the patient.

3. Shiatsu practitioners have a highly developed sense of touch that enables them to interpret both the quality and flow of chi energy, the body’s life force. Treatment involves gentle pressure to the energy channels as well as advice intended to help clients become aware of circumstances that block energy flow.


The Physical Health Benefits Of Shiatsu

A couple of the health shiatsu benefits include relieving migraines, headaches and to aid pregnant women while they’re going through their menstrual cramps. Shiatsu will also prevent various diseases that one can attain, making it the best massage to get when you are in need of relaxation.


What Are The Three Most Relaxing Areas To Get A Shiatsu Massage?

- Shiatsu Back Massage

Shiatsu back massages are capable to help alleviate all the symptoms which cause back pain. Back pain is actually caused by chronic inflammation of ones tissue, causing it to attack the linings of your joints. This type of problem happens to affect about 1% of the entire world’s population.

- Shiatsu Facial Massage

Shiatsu massages actually stimulates the circulation of the capillaries throughout the soft tissues of your skin. This massage will serve to stimulate ones secretion of their sebaceous glands to keep skin smooth and moisturized. This will also help give the skin resilience and even prevent wrinkling. By getting a shiatsu facial massage will really help improve the feeling and look of your skin.

- Shiatsu Foot Massage or Reflexology

If you have arthritis, then Shiatsu foot massage would be the best thing to try. When you have this massage applied on your feet, you will instantly feel relief. The pressure from this massage will really relax your painful feet, allowing the pain to slowly disappear.


An Interesting Research

Researchers from the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds in the UK have studied the effects and experience of shiatsu massage at spas in Austria, Spain, and the UK.

To determine the effects and benefits of shiatsu test subjects were evaluated with questionnaires, and practitioners were evaluated to determine the kind of advice they commonly gave.

At baseline, the main reason for having shiatsu was described as a desire to maintain or improve health. The second most common reason was to enhance health, quality of life or personal growth. Also, at baseline 80 percent of practitioners said they commonly made recommendations for improving health. Nearly all test subjects considered such information as being relevant.

By the 6-month follow-up session, about 80 percent of test subjects reported that they had made changes to their lifestyle based on the advice given during their shiatsu treatment. Advice included increasing rest and relaxation; listening to their body, improving their diets, increasing exercise, and watching for the first signs of back pain or muscle tension; using meditation; and emphasizing their personal strengths and abilities. Test subjects noted changes in mind-body awareness, increased confidence and better coping abilities. Subjects were positive about their relationships with their practitioners and perceived their shiatsu treatments as joint efforts.


Conclusion: I believe that shiatsu alone will not bring any benefits. Shiatsu is a complementary treatment and it may help only in case when you arrange your lifestyle in accordance with the way shiatsu understands well being (meridian harmony). You need to come out of your comfort zone and start doing things that won’t hurt you but rather help you. If you do that, there are many benefits to be enjoyed.