How to Make a Shiatsu Foot Massage

We talk a lot about the chi flow through the shiatsu meridians inside our body, but never thought if the chi is in equal quantity spread through the shiatsu meridian. Shiatsu foot massage is taking care about our feet. We know that shiatsu meridians start in arms and end in feet, or vise verse, it doesn’t really matter. Matters the fact that the most chi is gatherd in the endings of the meridians. It is considered that a shiatsu foot massage stimulates the acupressure points in the feet and have a deeper affect on the organs of the body.

Many shiatsu points which correspond to vital organs are found in the feet. Stimulating these points can have a major effect on the organs. Shiatsu foot massage is also considered to be very relaxing and in many spas it is used as a reflexology. Applying pressure is exactly what our feet want.

Another way of taking care of our feet is foot massagers and Conair massagers are a good choice. This goes best for people who are very busy and they don’t have time to visit a spa or make an appointment with a foot massage practitioner.

All the day our feet are staying in shoes. We give too less attention to our feet and shiatsu foot massage is giving most attention to feet. Today we will learn how to do a deep tissue massage for feet this will result in a deep relaxation and increase the chi flow in our feet, in this way the chi flow will be directed up to the legs and shoulders, neck and mind.

Start a foot shiatsu massage

shiatsu foot massage Follow Me on Pinterest The patient will have to lie down on a massage table or a mat for performing this foot shiatsu massage. Before starting actual foot shiatsu massage the therapists will gently rub the surface of the feet for a little to warm up and to loosen the feet and prepare them for a foot shiatsu massage.

Put your hand on both sides of the foot to stabilize the contact with your patient. After that put the right hand under the foot and the left on the foot and start pressing the foot with your both hands and start pressing with the fingers of the foot. Breathing is always important. Remember you have to breath slow and deep. The foot shiatsu massage techniques should be done slow and in harmony with the breathing. Than rise the foot a little bit in order to work easier with the foot. Determine the center line of the foot which starts from the toes and ends in the heel. In this line are placed a lot of important shiatsu acupuncture points. And continue pressing the points in this center line. You can keep the foot with one hand and with another hand pressing the shiatsu acupressure points of the foot. After that take the foot and make slow circular moves to the right and to the left. Next is the stretching of the foot after which the ligaments should be relaxed. Finishing the foot shiatsu massage put the foot on the floor and stretch the fingers of the foot.

Watch a video similar to foot shiatsu massage therapy

I know that reading is not best way to explain a massage therapy so I want to recommend a video of a similar to shiatsu foot massage therapy.

What are the benefits of a foot shiatsu massage?

Besides the benefits of a foot shiatsu massage, it is a fact that this is a pleasant massage therapy. Because of numerous nervous endings existing in the feet, the touch of a shiatsu therapist to our feet feels good. Stimulating the shiatsu acupuncture points on the feet redirects the energy flow directly to the organs to which the stimulated shiatsu acupuncture points correspond. Also the blood circulation is increasing and flows upfront to the legs. Usually after a foot shiatsu massage the patient doesn’t feel heavy in the legs.

Shiatsu Foot Massage is proven to be effective both for relaxation and healing. If you feel some pain inside, try to discover the wonders of traditional feet healing of the shiatsu orientals. Try the Shiatsu Foot Massage and heal naturally.