Shiatsu Massage for Back Pain

The back, as part of the body, keeps in memory all the illnesses somebody has had in his entire life. A periodical shiatsu back massage helps to release tension, imbalances, reborn the lost harmony during the time. Shiatsu back massage is a complex of dynamic moves which needs a bit stronger pressure created with the shiatsu practitioners weight on the back of the patient. Shiatsu back massage techniques help to relax the entire back especially the shoulders and the lower part of the back. It is stated that shoulders keep the most tension of the body.


Get in contact with patients body

shiatsu back massage Follow Me on Pinterest Start the shiatsu back massage by landing both hands on the back of the patient. One hand should be in the region of the heart and other on the lower back. A few minutes of soft but intense pressure will create contact with these zones of the body. And after this the shiatsu therapist may start the shiatsu back massage therapy.

Shiatsu back massage stretching is the way to start. Put both hands on one side of the back, for example you can start with the left part. One hand on the lower back and the other hand in the region of the heart. Moving towards patients back the shiatsu therapist slowly stretches the back and spine. Keep this position for a few seconds in order to maintain the stretch and repeating it 3-4 times and move to the other side of the back and repeat the same shiatsu technique. The shiatsu therapist has to keep the stretching slow and careful avoiding putting too much pressure on the back while stretching. The both hands of the shiatsu therapist should move into different ways slightly moving his body towards the patients back and creating pressure with the therapists weight for a shiatsu back massage.


Stretching and warming up

This shiatsu back massage technique of stretching is also considered to be a good warming up shiatsu technique. The shiatsu back stretching increases the flexibility of the muscles on the back and allows the chi flow easier. The stimulation by stretching the back is mobilizing all the shiatsu meridians which are placed on the back of the body. After the warm up the therapist can start applying the acupressure back techniques. The shiatsu therapist will use pressure with both hands each on other or pressure with one hand only. When the shiatsu therapist is pressing with one hand is recommended to keep the other hand on the lower back. When pressing on the back remember to move from shoulders to the lower back. Don’t move your hand forward because your hand can get tired faster. The weight of masseur’s body is creating the necessary pressure. The dynamic nature of shiatsu back massage is represented by the use of pressure, stabilizing contact with the patient and the release of tension. This is not similar to western type of massage which represent fast and interrupting moves. Shiatsu back techniques are perpendicular and they penetrate very deep and mobilize the inside chi which lead to a deep relaxation. The high and low pressure combination techniques in shiatsu massage therapy are creating contact between the shiatsu therapist and the patient.


Shiatsu back massage of the meridian along the spine

shiatsu back massage Follow Me on Pinterest Remember that while a shiatsu back massage you don’t have to press directly on the spine. On both sides of the spine are placed two important shiatsu meridians which are in charge of general tone of the back. Finding it use the fingertips to press the shiatsu acupuncture points, moving from shoulders down to the lower back. While one finger will be active other 4 fingers will serve as support for the hand. The pressure timing must be correlated to breathing of the patient. The shiatsu therapist takes a deep breath and breathing out his body slowly moves towards the patient. The masseur should always remember 4 components of shiatsu massage: perpendicular pressure, weight of the body, deep breathing and correct position. The shiatsu therapist ends the shiatsu back massage therapy by stretching as started in the beginning of the shiatsu massage session. After the shiatsu back massage, the patient should feel a deep relaxation.


If you ever wondered on how to do shiatsu massage, firstly you have to remember these 4 components:

1) deep breathing – which allows to direct the chi to flow in deep places of the body;

2) pressure with the body weight – shiatsu acupuncture pressure is not using muscle power. It uses only the body with it’s weight which is provoking pressure;

3) perpendicular pressure – no matter on which part of the body the masseur is pressing it has to be perpendicular;

4) correct body position – the shiatsu therapist must keep his straight back and use his body to put pressure and massaging of the patient.