Shiatsu Japanese Style Massage

One type of japanese massage, which is effectively stimulating internal body powers also called as “chi” and which leads to harmony is by all means “shiatsu massage”. Shiatsu officially as a modern type of massage appeared in 20th century. This is a modern interpretation of asian massage, which during centuries was practiced in the eastern medicine.

This is what Tokujiro Namikoshi the founder of National Shiatsu School of Japan say about shiatsu massage: “Shiatsu massage therapy (using finger pressure) can reborn life activity and is highly recommended to people who spend their daily time in offices or have less activity during the day and in consequence might lead to better results in their career. If you apply shiatsu massage techniques on yourself, in short time you will see great changes in your health. Shiatsu massage can help you prevent health disorders such as depression, anxiety, nausea, stiffness, headaches, arthritis, cramps, or pulled muscles.

Saying this, Tokujiro Namikoshi understood that his words sound unbelievable, but he truly believed that later after people will try shiatsu massage on themselves, they will understand what the shiatsu master means. Great popularity of shiatsu massage in eastern medicine (and even in western medicine for last years) is proof that Tokujiro Namikoshi was right and his expectations were realistic.

Shiatsu massage definition

japanese massage Follow Me on Pinterest Official definition of health ministry of Japan sounds like this: “Shiatsu massage – is a method of healing, where finger and hand pressure is used to create pressure on the meridian system points of the body, in order to rehabilitate the natural powers of the body, which results to both preventative and healing and improve your health”.

The Japanese shiatsu massage became popular really fast between professional massage therapists, and between a big number of japanese people who got used to the fact that at least one member of the family is familiar with this type of massage. Today, shiatsu massage is considered to be the national traditional type of Japanese massage, replacing “anma massage”. Most japanese, especially women, have the basic knowledge of shiatsu massage in order to give self shiatsu, help family members when they feel tired or even prevent illness .

Shiatsu massage therapy always uses pressure techniques on the same acupressure points which are used in acupuncture to activate and stimulate energy flow through the energy in the meridians. Why? Because shiatsu is not healing diseases instantly, it stimulates and increases the potential of the healing powers of the body, and these powers by themselves “choose” the write way to heal the body.

Let us remember how the human body reacts when protection powers are activated. Examples? Here they are. Do you remember your reaction when some small object hits your eye and it begins tearing? Tearing is the natural reaction of the body which washes the eye. In this way it protects the eye from that object. Or, when food or water stays in the breathing ways and you begin to cough. Examples like these are many. That is why having a shiatsu massage therapy helps us stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians of the body. So, before you go and take different kind of medicine isn’t smarter to find a licensed shiatsu therapist who will do the diagnosis of your stomach and will work the meridians with the most misbalance?

 All these are achieved by practitioners through at least 3 years of shiatsu massage trainings and studies at japanese massage schools where they receive a license. Japan claims that everybody who offers shiatsu massage has to be a licensed shiatsu therapist.