The General Knowledge of Acupressure Points

Follow Me on Pinterest What is acupressure? Acupressure is an alternative medical treatment that is thousands of years old. Can any massage deliver acupressure? Is it expensive? Acupressure is a matter of pressing down on pressure points or meridians in the body to release Qi or trapped energy. It should not be confused with acupuncture which is a number of needles placed under the skin to release the Qi. Acupressure is often called acupuncture without the needles. It involves instead fingertip pressure that is applied along the previously discussed specific meridians of the body. Traditional massages often include acupressure. However those that want to get specifically only acupressure treatments should look for a practitioner that specializes in this particular practice.

Learning Acupressure

There are several schools of massage that teach acupressure. One simply has to locate schools that teach acupuncture as part of the curriculum. Some individuals will even purchase audio visual CD’s that will help them learn acupressure techniques. They may also purchase a full color acupressure chart that will allow them to identify the points and the meridians of the body. The meridians can best be identified as previously mentioned, as highways in which the energy flows throughout the body. One can also learn acupressure by going to an institute that specializes in learning this particular treatment. An applied Kinesiology and healing touch institute is popular. One can also get a degree in Chinese medicines which teach the individual about the use of a pressure point in the body and acupuncture points as well. Obviously, the more deeply the individual wishes to learn the subject will determine where they choose to obtain their training.

Acupressure Points on the Body

There are 12 meridians on the human body and on these meridians are located tens of acupoints. Every meridian corresponds to an organ of the body. Once a person has health problems this would mean that there is misbalance in the meridians. Acupressure helps finding that points in the human body where the energy is blocked and works out on that point in order to release the blocked energy and make the energy flow stabilize.

Acupressure Yin and Yang Meridians

In acupressure there are yin and yang meridians. The yang meridians flow from the fingertips to the face or the face to the feet. Conversely, the yin meridians flow from the feet to the torso, or from the torso to the fingertips along the inside area of the body. The Yin meridians are primarily identified with female energy. The yang energy is primarily identified as male energy. The energy is supposed to be unblocked by acupressure and allowed to flow freely throughout the body.

Energy Release from the Body During Acupressure treatments

When the pressure points are stimulated during an acupressure treatment it allows the energy to flow throughout the body. The practitioners often press on the points for 3 minutes. They are usually looking for a sensation somewhere between hurting and feeling good. “hurts until it feels good.” However the finger pressure is used depends on the practitioner, and also the age and general health of the patient. Those that have some sort of energy or are in ill health typically do not have as much time focused on specific pressure points as do others who are in better health, and can tolerate more pressure on specific points.

Cost of treatments

Acupressure can be free if one’s spouse learns the treatments and performs them correctly. It can even be a self treatment. However, it is often performed along with massage techniques or it is often incorporated into the practice. This is especially true in Thai massage or oriental massage techniques and should not cost any more than the cost of a traditional massage.

There are many methods of using acupressure. Perhaps the traditional way of using the treatments are the best. One will certainly benefit from getting this treatment done the accepted way with a skilled practitioner. A practice that has been around for thousands of years certainly has some benefit or merit to it. Unlike acupuncture it is relatively easy to learn the basic techniques of acupressure. You can apply them to your life to relieve pain and stress.

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