Shiatsu Hara Diagnosis and Massage

Stomach also known as “hara” in oriental shiatsu, is the center of the body where are concentrated a lot of important organs of our body. In Japan is believed that a person’s hara reflects the person’s life, his/her health and strength. When the shiatsu therapist gets in contact with this zone he obtains access to most important reserves of chi in a human body.

Hara is the chi center of a body. While a hara shiatsu therapy the shiatsu therapist has to use careful and gentle moves. The shiatsu practitioner will apply shiatsu acupressure techniques and will help the patient which receives a hara shiatsu massage to relax the stomach muscles and bring a lot more benefit to the organs inside of the stomach. It is believed that a relaxed body receives more from a hara shiatsu, because relaxed muscles allows the chi inside the body flow easily and stimulate the organs of the hara and the lower back.

During the hara shiatsu, the area between the lower edges of the ribs and the upper edges of the pelvic bones is palpated and various shiatsu massage techniques are used to release chi stagnation or increase vibrancy. Before starting a hara shiatsu massage therapy session is recommended to keep silence a few minutes, feel your deep breathing and concentration.

How to start a hara shiatsu massage?

hara shiatsu Follow Me on Pinterest Start with putting your hand on the hara of the patient. Keep it unmoved for a while, take a few deep breaths and start slowly pressing. The pressure must be very gentle because this is very sensitive area. Remember that pressure is made by forwarding the shiatsu therapist’s body weight towards the patients body without using muscular pressure and power. The moves towards the patient must be slow, as well as the pressure of the shiatsu meridian points of the body.


Hara – the ocean of energy

While a shiatsu massage therapy is very important to maintain an energetic connection with your patient, especially in a hara shiatsu massage therapy. Keep the hand on the hara, try to feel the patients breathing and along with the breathing timing start doing circular moves. These moves are stimulating the circulation of the chi which is getting in contact with upper and lower part of energetic points. Hara contains a big number of important vital energy points and also is believed that hara is the center of chi creation in the human body which is called Chi Kai – which means “the ocean of energy”. Through stimulation of chi inside the hara it flows to other life important organs of the whole body.

Do gentle pressure firstly on the right side of the stomach and than move to the left part. Remember that the weight of your body must flow into your hand which will result pressure on the shiatsu acupressure points. Using muscle power while shiatsu massage will create tension instead of relaxation. Doing a hara shiatsu of the lower part of the stomach the therapist will be stimulating the meridian of large intestine. When finishing the hara shiatsu massage put your hand in the center of the hara and do circular moves.

What to expect after a hara shiatsu massage?

The hara shiatsu massage increases the blood flow in the abdominal region and the organs it contains (stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder, large and small intestines); stimulates peristalsis, and increases the overall health of the client. Hara shiatsu massage is also a wonderful and pleasant way to restore the muscle tone and vibrancy of the area for women after childbirth.